Why You Should Budget More and Get A Great Wedding DJ

Let’s start by asking yourself how long you expect the following items to entertain your guests:
Your cake
Your flowers
Your centerpieces
Your decorations
Your veggie tray
Your dinner
Your chair covers
As you can see although these items are all important, none of them are going to entertain your guests for very long.
Most brides wait until the end of their budget to hire their DJ without consideration of the importance that he/she has to the success of your wedding celebration.
Your wedding DJ is actually about 85% responsible for the success of your wedding celebration! Say that out loud to yourself a couple of times before you hire your DJ. If you hire the wrong DJ you will be managing your DJ instead of relaxing and enjoying yourselves with your friends and family!
Your wedding DJ is not supposed to be just someone that shows up and pushes the play button and music comes on! You can hire one like that if you want to, but don’t be surprised if your wedding shows up on Youtube as one of those disaster weddings that you probably heard about.
Your DJ is the one who is supposed to run your wedding reception starting as soon as your ceremony is over until the end of your last dance. He/she is your “day of” coordinator that is the key person between the venue staff and your wedding photographer. He/she is the one that is supposed to be there for you and keep everything rolling on the timeline that you set up. He/she is there for the total entertainment package, which goes far beyond just playing music. Here’s a frightening though for you… the DJ you hire will be alone with your guests for about 45 minutes until you arrive. They will be there representing YOU!

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Your wedding is the most important day of your life! Consider it like a life changing surgery, two lives are being grafted into one life. Do you want to hire a rookie surgeon to perform this operation?

Your WEDDING DJ will control the entertainment of your guests for 3-5 hours of the most special day in your life. In other words your WEDDING DISC JOCKEY is responsible for 80% of the success of your celebration. So which one do you think more sense to spend more money on… your veggie platter, or your WEDDING DJ? The built in tip for your caterers… or your WEDDING DISC JOCKEY?

All brides deserve to have fantastic WEDDING DISC JOCKEYS for their celebration, but not all brides are entitled to have a great WEDDING DISC JOCKEY. What I am getting at is that you will receive exactly the value in a WEDDING DJ as what you pay. If you want a great WEDDING DISC JOCKEY then you will need to pay a great DISC JOCKEY. Don’t expect to get a great WEDDING DJ when you are paying for a CHEAP WEDDING DJ!

When you look at the time and money you have invested in your wedding doesn’t it make sense to maximize the value for your money by hiring a great WEDDING DJ that will have your guests telling you that yours was the best wedding they have ever been to?

“The price you pay for your entertainment is directly proportional to the quality of service you should expect to receive, which is directly proportional to the success of your WEDDING RECEPTION” ~Mark Ferrell~

A month after your wedding your guests are not going to remember your flowers, your dress, the food, the décor, your centerpieces, or much about the venue. What they will remember is the great time they had with the WEDDING DISC JOCKEY that you hired!

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