PARTY DJ, If you are having a party hire a professional PARTY DISC JOCKEY!





So you are planning a party.

First you have to decide is what do you want to happen at your party?

  1. If you are thinking about sitting around chatting with your friends and having a few cocktails with some background music, stop reading, start downloading some music from ITunes and go to Radio Shack and buy a laptop to stereo connector.

2. If you are thinking about having an exciting dance party with great dance music and lights you need to hire a PROFESSIONAL PARTY DJ or PARTY DISC JOCKEY! PROFESSIONAL PARTY DJS or PARTY DISC JOCKEYS know exactly how to get the party moving and keep it moving right up until the very end. If this is the kind of party you envision then your PARTY DJ or PARTY DISC JOCKEY will be about 90% of the success of your party!

If you are thinking about hiring a CHEAP PARTY DJ see #1 and scrap the idea of having a PARTY DISC JOCKEY. You are better off playing the music yourself than you are having a lousy PARTY DJ! A PROFESSIONAL PARTY DISC JOCKEY will be an expert at sizing up your guests and playing exactly the right music that will keep your guests dancing and having a great time. CHEAP PARTY DJS will need you to tell them what to play all night and if that’s the case you might as well do #1 and play the music yourself.


  • Offer professional planning assistance
  • Bring all of the music that you ask for in advance
  • Have a PROFESSIONAL DJ SOUND system with back-ups
  • Have a PROFESSIONAL DJ wireless mic for announcements, toasts, etc,
  • Have PROFESSIONAL DJ dance lighting
  • Have an extensive music selection
  • Be very familiar with his equipment and music so he/she can get requests up in a timely manner

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Other than your ceremony itself your WEDDING DJ and WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER are the most important parts of your wedding and reception. You want the very BEST WEDDING DJ and the very BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER you can get, right?

Hiring your WEDDING DJ

Do you want a GOOD DJ for your wedding? The answer is no! You want the BEST WEDDING DISC JOCKEY for your wedding! A top notch professional is an absolute must! Your WEDDING DJ is 80% of the success of your wedding reception!

The days of a WEDDING DISC JOCKEY just being someone that plays music are long gone! Today an expert WEDDING DJ is a master of ceremonies, an entertainer, a reception planner and coordinator,  a sound technician, a party motivator, a dance instructor,  and the high energy personality that you count on to make sure that all of you guests have a memorable celebration!  Your expert WEDDING DISC JOCKEY will basically run your reception from the moment you make your grand entrance at your reception until the final note of your last dance. Most importantly you need a WEDDING DJ will enjoy entertaining your guests. If your WEDDING DISC JOCKEY isn’t having fun, nobody is!

A month after your wedding your guests won’t remember;  your dress, your flowers, your cake, your table decorations, the food, or your ceremony, but they will remember how your expert WEDDING DJ made your celebration the most fantastic party of your life!

Find someone that has extensive experience hiring great WEDDING DISC JOCKEYS, tell them exactly what you want at your reception, then trust their experience to match you up with the perfect WEDDING DJ for your special day.

Hiring your affordable WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER

In today’s world of wonderful technology anyone can buy a great camera with lots of bells and whistles and call themselves an AFFORDABLE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER. You probably even have friends that will volunteer to take your WEDDING PICTURES.  Learning how to use today’s sophisticated cameras is something that given the time anyone can learn how to do. There is a huge difference between amateur WEDDING PICTURES and professional WEDDING PHOTOS!

Taking professional WEDDING PHOTOS is something that comes from the soul. It is a GOD given talent that can be discovered but not taught. It is a dedication to capturing the precious the moments in life and preserving them to be enjoyed throughout time.  The most spectacular WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS don’t claim to have a “canned style”, they go with the flow and create beautiful photos from the moments that are presented.

When you meet with  AFFORDABLE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER to see their portfolio or view their web site you are usually looking at highly edited photos that are there to attract your business. Some of these photos are beautiful, but they are so highly edited that they don’t even look like real people. When you speak with a great WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  you won’t even need to see their photos, you’ll know just from their confidence that you have found someone that is dedicated to making YOUR photos be everything you hoped they would be and will capture every special moment of your wedding and celebration!

Find someone that has extensive experience hiring great AFFORDABLE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS, tell them exactly what you want, then trust their experience to match you up with the perfect WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER for your special day.

13 TIPS FOR HIRING A great wedding DJ

Verify that:

1. Your wedding DISC JOCKEY has a lot of
experience hosting weddings.
(We do thousands of weddings every year, all of our WEDDING DJS have done at least 100 weddings)

2. Your wedding DISC JOCKEY‘S system has enough power for the venue that your event is scheduled in.
(All of our systems are a minimum 350 watts per channel RMS, we have many different sized speakers)

3. That your wedding DJ will bring back-up for every crucial component of the system. (We do!)

4. That your wedding DISC JOCKEY will bring all of the music that you have requested in advance and a lot of music for requests. (and will have a 2nd copy of important wedding songs) (We have access to over 2 million songs on CD and thousands on karaoke disc)

5. That your wedding DJ has a strong voice and is the experience to MC your event.
(talk to us!)

6. That your wedding DISC JOCKEY has a back-up plan in case of sickness or any other emergency.
(we have over 500 DJs)

7. That your wedding DJ will arrive in time to be set up BEFORE your guests arrive and have music ready to play as they do. (we arrive with enough time to make a round trip to get anything we may have forgotten and still be ready to go on time!)

8. That your wedding DISC JOCKEY does not charge you for set up and tear down time.
(our price is all inclusive)

9. For events with over 200 guests your wedding DJ will have an assistant or MC. It is not possible to keep the music going non-stop and be able to handle crowd requests and manage timed events (especially wedding receptions) properly with only 1 wedding DISC JOCKEY.
(We always bring 2 or more for large events)

10. That your wedding DJ will provide a contract that includes their cancellation/reschedule policy.
(If you need to cancel just give us at least 2 weeks notice and your deposit will be applied to a future date)

11. That your wedding DISC JOCKEY is easily available by phone to help you coordinate your event planning and music selections.
(We have at least 1 person available 24 hours a day)

12. That your wedding DJ really loves doing this… if they don’t have fun… neither will you and your guests! For us it’s not all about the money, it’s all about you and your guests having the time of your lives!
(we love to entertain and it shows!)

13. That your wedding DISC JOCKEY does not have an attitude that indicates that they may be difficult to work with.
(We pride ourselves on our ability to make new friends out of your guests… once again, we love to entertain and it shows!)


This is YOUR special day!!!

The WEDDING DJ is the most important part of your reception

… and this is the most important event of your life!!!

Don’t get a lousy WEDDING DJ just to save a few bucks!
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In 2012 there are thousands more DISC JOCKEYS than there were in 2010. Teenagers

with Ipods/laptops and a pair of powered speakers are all over the country

offering “PROFESSIONAL DJ services” at insanely low prices. When I named this blog

“QUALITY DISC JOCKEYS FOR EVERYONE”  I didn’t specify what kind of quality, just

that there is a level of quality.

Let’s talk about the different quality levels of

PROFESSIONAL DISC JOCKEYS will be someone that is a full time DISC JOCKEY. They will not have a full time job and be a DISC JOCKEY as a hobby. At some point they made a decision to dedicate themselves to becoming a full time entertainer and they realized that this is truly a full time career.



  • high end PROFESSIONAL DJ equipment
  • excellent sound
  • a huge library of music
  • excellent microphones
  • modern PROFESSIONAL DJ LED type dance floor lighting
  • a PROFESSIONAL DJ wardrobe
  • reliable transportation
  • back up equipment
  • liability insurance
  • a back-up plan in case of emergency or sickness.  

A PROFESSIONAL DISC JOCKEY will be much more than someone that just shows up and plays some music, he/she will arrive with an itinerary to deliver an outstanding performance from start to finish. Your professional DISC JOCKEY will have extensive experience and expertise and will be very helpful for planning your event. His/her professionalism will be obvious in the first 30 seconds of your initial phone call! One more thing… a PROFESSIONAL DISC JOCKEY will answer the phone when you call, or call back in a very short time!

GOOD DISC JOCKEYS  will probably be someone that has a full time job and is a DISC JOCKEY as a hobby on the side. At some point they made a decision to dedicate themselves to working a full time job and they realized that they could not make enough money as a full time DISC JOCKEY

A good DISC JOCKEY could possibly have:


  • high end PROFESSIONAL DJ equipment

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