Simple tricks to a successful wedding reception

DSC01049Great ideas on how to have a rocking wedding reception where you’re guests dance all night long.

These are very simple, but proving to be very effective.

  1. Of course you want your wedding march, recessional, and first dance, Father Daughter… etc.

A couple of songs from the bride and groom, but you must think of your guests and what they like, it is like you are giving them a gift of joy. We advise to put on your invites to R.S.V.P with a song they like to dance to, if they do not dance ask to list a song they would like to hear. Your guests will appreciate this very much.

  1. If you are a happy bride, all is happy. If you are not happy the guests will feel the tension and cannot have a good time. I see this all the time. So please rest up a month before the wedding.


  1. Take a lot of b-12, eat right, exercise, and get plenty of sleep.
  2. Smile all the time. You’re guests love you and want you to be happy
  3. Have someone in charge for any mishaps.
  4. Many weddings they cut the cake after the toast, the guest have already been sitting a long time from your introduction, all traditional dances and then the toast… they already are thinking of leaving after the cake cutting. To prevent this our DJ/MC keeps them entertained by getting the guest revved up for a great party while our photographers takes photos of groups of friends, family, traditional family generation shots from grandmother, mother and daughter.
  5. We recommend that you hold off the cake cutting till later, for example do the garter toss, bouquet toss then the cake cutting then back to the party… they won’t want to leave.
  6. Another time to cut the cake is right after your first dance. The staff at the venue will love you for this.
  7. Plan a grand exit with sparklers or lots of bubbles, Have someone in charge of lining guests in two rows with sparklers or bubbles.


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Why You Should Budget More and Get A Great Wedding DJ

Let’s start by asking yourself how long you expect the following items to entertain your guests:
Your cake
Your flowers
Your centerpieces
Your decorations
Your veggie tray
Your dinner
Your chair covers
As you can see although these items are all important, none of them are going to entertain your guests for very long.
Most brides wait until the end of their budget to hire their DJ without consideration of the importance that he/she has to the success of your wedding celebration.
Your wedding DJ is actually about 85% responsible for the success of your wedding celebration! Say that out loud to yourself a couple of times before you hire your DJ. If you hire the wrong DJ you will be managing your DJ instead of relaxing and enjoying yourselves with your friends and family!
Your wedding DJ is not supposed to be just someone that shows up and pushes the play button and music comes on! You can hire one like that if you want to, but don’t be surprised if your wedding shows up on Youtube as one of those disaster weddings that you probably heard about.
Your DJ is the one who is supposed to run your wedding reception starting as soon as your ceremony is over until the end of your last dance. He/she is your “day of” coordinator that is the key person between the venue staff and your wedding photographer. He/she is the one that is supposed to be there for you and keep everything rolling on the timeline that you set up. He/she is there for the total entertainment package, which goes far beyond just playing music. Here’s a frightening though for you… the DJ you hire will be alone with your guests for about 45 minutes until you arrive. They will be there representing YOU!

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177c90618e21f2ec657e3e2e904479b3$800.00 for professional DJ/MC that will run your day the way you want.
Plus a professional Photographer that will create and capture memories that will last forever.
The DJ and Photographer together will create a celebration that will never be forgotten. Your guests will say your wedding
was the best they ever been to…. your wedding will be unique, not like any other wedding.
We will be available for you from the time you book till your last dance.

Free engagement photos in Brevard County.

‘Exposure’ Now Legal Tender For Photographers

The Beezly Street Gazette

A change in the law will allow photographers to pay rent on their homes & studios with ‘exposure’ instead of money. They will also be able to buy coffee, shampoo and other essentials, by mentioning to the checkout assistant that they did a big job last week for nothing, and are hoping it will bring them some paying clients.


Landlords and supermarkets are protesting this move, on the grounds that “Well what the hell am I supposed to do with ‘exposure’? I can’t pay my bills with fresh bloody air! Why can’t you just give me money like every bugger else?”

The controversial new change will allow photographers to pay for their homes and studios by doing freebies for people want pictures of their spoiled daughter at her expensive Sweet Sixteen party, pictures of their hair-brained new business idea, or a range of merchandise they plan to sell on EBay.

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Know the difference between a club DJ and a professional wedding DJ/MC

Know the difference between a club DJ and a Professional Wedding DJ.

Congratulations you have just been asked to spend the rest of your life with the one you love.

We would like to help show that love by creating a loving atmosphere for your guests and you at your wedding Venue.

We understand you are torn in several directions now but this will be the most important thing you read concerning weddings.

A professional club DJ will play all the music you want, non stop.

A professional wedding DJ will not only play all the music you want, they will run your wedding reception * examples

  • Will send you a wedding planner so they will know all the details about your special day.

  • Will be available for you prior to the wedding to make any changes.

  • A professional wedding DJ will entertain your guests during cocktail hour while you are being photographed.

  • A professional wedding DJ will line you and your bridal party for the introduction into your reception

  • A professional wedding DJ will guide you into your first dance.

  • A professional wedding DJ will announce dinner, Toast, Cake cutting, garter toss and bouquet toss and any other traditions you may have on top of making sure all guests are inside the venue.

  • A professional wedding DJ will get the party started by interacting with guests and will MC any announcements

  • A professional wedding DJ will keep your party going as long as you would like

  • A professional wedding DJ will have the top 100’s in music and music dated back to the 1930’s

  • Our professional Wedding DJ’s do not just stand and play music, they create moments for the

  • Professional Wedding Photographer to capture.

    Your guests will remember the fun they had at your wedding because you had a professional wedding DJ

  • A professional wedding DJ from National Wedding Photography will make your wedding dream come true.

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Why hire a DJ/MC for your wedding

What are the benefits of using a DJ/MC from National Wedding? 321-412-3878

*Your DJ will help coordinate your wedding *


* Coordinate Wedding music

* Coordinate Cocktail hour music

*Coordinate time of photos

* Keep your guest entertained while you are being photographed

*Will coordinate Bride and Groom grand introduction into reception

*Your DJ will announce prayer/speech before meal

*Your DJ will coordinate the toast

*Will make all introductions such as Father and Daughter Dance, Garter and Bouquet and cake cutting on top of being very entertaining at the same time.

* Your DJ will make sure everyone is dancing and having a great time.

* Your DJ will have all your music request completed one week before the wedding and will be able to make any changes you need

*Your DJ will help and guide you choose the best music that fits your taste as well and entertain your guest

*Your DJ will also be very helpful to stay within your time line.

Your DJ is not just a DJ He/she will be a MC, Host, wedding Coordinator and the one that brings the fun to the party.

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That’s what a sweet 16 party is all about! It’s about getting together with all your friends, socializing for a bit, and once the dancing starts it doesn’t stop until the end of the party.

The most important thing in making your party a huge success is hiring a great DJ! Your first thought might be to hire a local kid for a couple of hundred bucks because he will know all the current music. That is a great way to ruin your party! Why? There are several reasons:

  • A young DJ with little experience is not likely to have a great sound system!
  • A young DJ is probably going to play HIS favorite songs and in today’s music world you are looking at a lot of rap- great to listen to, not great for the girls to dance to!
  • A young DJ is not going to have much experience running a party, and that’s exactly what a DJ is supposed to do. A DJ is not just somebody that shows up and plays music, they are the DJ, the MC, and the “day of” coordinator!

We have nothing against young DJs, you have to start somewhere. But your party’s success depends on your DJ and you don’t want to be part of somebody’s learning curve.

At A BETTER DJ AND PHOTOGRAPHER we probably do more sweet 16 parties than any other company in the country. We know exactly what to expect, we have the clean family friendly versions of today’s current hits, and we have the professional sound systems to make your music sound so great! We also have the extensive experience to provide a great atmosphere for your adults to celebrate the night away!


For more information on having a great sweet 16 party visit <a title="HOW TO HAVE AND WHAT TO DO AT A SUPER SWEET 16 PARTY" href="http://http://ABETTERDJ.NET http://”>http://http://ABETTERDJ.NETImage

The other important thing to realize is that this is a milestone in a girl’s life. She isn’t a little girl anymore, she is a young adult. Hire a professional photographer to captures these treasured moments to last a lifetime. Parents- don’t try to fool yourself into thinking you are going to take the photos yourself. Yes, you’ll get a few, but you are going to be very busy:

  • running the party
  • greeting parents as they drop off the kids
  • being a chaperone
  • serving the cake

Check out our Sweet 16 DJ-photo combo packages. The investment will be well worth it!