Attention Ebay sellers – UPS ground is making your business look bad!

Shipping via UPS ground is a MAJOR disservice to your customers!

As a seller on EBAY you have many options on how to ship your products to your customers. If you are a serious seller and you care about customer satisfaction stop shipping by UPS ground!

I absolutely hate it when sellers ship UPS ground to me. Case in point:
Last Saturday I purchased a $500 camera from a seller who was able to ship it that day and it arrived Monday via Priority mail… Yay

Last Thursday I purchased 2 batteries and a charger for the camera I was going to buy and it was shipped the same day via UPS ground. 3 days later it was still in the same state… the 4th day it is still 3/4 of the way on the wrong side of the country. The scheduled delivery date is between Friday and Monday which is 8-11 days after my purchase. Had I known the seller would ship UPS ground I would have purchased fro another seller! That Wednesday I also purchased a camera lens that was shipped UPS ground the same day… again it took 3 days to leave the state and still won’t arrive until later this week… why would a seller do that to me?

I have shipped over 5,000 packages by FedEx ground and priority mail. I have never had a product damaged and delivery is always 2-3 days. I love my customers and I want them to get their item fast. On top of that FedEx ground is about 30% cheaper and USPS has their wonderful flat rate priority boxes that are free to users.

So in summary, open an account with Fedex and start scheduling your pickups with them or the USPS… it costs the same or less and your customers will be a lot happier!