10% discount for all military events

10% discount for all military events

Photo Planner from National~Wedding ~Photography 321-412-3878

Please have your Bridesmaid or Matron of honor help organize group photos as the photographer will not know who everyone is.

  1. Before photos:

This is where precious photos are taken of the bride being pampered while hair and make-up are applied, during this time bridesmaids are helping by making sure all details are taken care of. Please keep room in order for the best photos, to the bride remember all that matter is when you say ‘I DO’

Dress unwrapped for photos

All jewelry, garters, bouquets are together

All tags cut off

All above saves time so you get more photos of you and your bridesmaids, friends,parents and any other special photos you would like before you walk down the aisle.
You will also have the opportunity to take playful, sexy fun shots for your eyes only to give to you soul mate as a gift.

Photos of groom with groomsman, parents pinning flower to lapel.

  1. Photos of the ceremony:

Walking down a wedding aisle can be nerve wrecking but don’t forget to smile and take your time, when you reach your destination your bridesmaid or matron of honor should fix your train where it is flowing around you, once she is finish she will take your bouquet so you may take your soul mates hands.

When you exchange rings take your time, everyone will want to capture this photo.

First kiss; hold that kiss, another Kodak moment.

When officiate pronounces you as husband and wife or partners for life turn to you guest and smile.

You have a choice to walk down the aisle and at the end greet all your guest so they can congratulate you with hugs and kisses, this can take a fair amount of time considering how many guest you have. I advise all our bride and grooms to keep walking and find a place out of site and have the officiate invite your guests to go to the reception where the bride and groom will greet them after photos.

  1. After wedding photos

Many candid shots will be taken along with formal photos

First photos should be with officiate.,they may have another wedding and need to have the licensed signed.

Second photos are with any elderly so they can go to the reception and relax.

Third group of photos are with the parents

Fourth group should be parents and siblings with bride and groom

Fifth group of photos with siblings and children

Sixth group of photos should be close friends of the family

Seventh group Bridal party

Eighth group all bridesmaids with bride

Ninth group, all groomsman with groom

Bride with groomsman

Groom with Bridesmaids

Tenth group several photos of just bride and groom.

Please list any other photos you would like, you only get married once so take advantage to get the photos you want.
By Rina Marie Braley-Yanko
National Wedding Photography

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