For the Groom- No funk face or jaw drop

For the groom: No funk face or jaw drop.
When I first started as a wedding photographer in the 80’s in L.A. California, I was an assistant photographer to the best wedding photographers. They were great mentors and I owe so much to them. They got me where I am today, but since then I have learned a few tricks on my own to capture the best shots at a wedding.
Example: This is for the groom. I will tell you now you will never be prepared enough for when you see your bride for the first time walking down the aisle. First off, you know she is beautiful and the love of your life, but when a woman is a bride about to marry her soul mate she has a glow like never before. Her beauty will even pour out through her flawless make-up and hair. You will see her walk differently in a beautiful gown with a smile that is familiar, but you never have seen her smile like this. This is your soul mate coming towards you to vow spending the rest of her days with you for better or worse.
As you soak this view in it finally hits you that this is it, you are really getting married! On top of that you will be overwhelmed by her beauty. This is what causes JAW DROP or FUNK FACE. Your wedding photographer will want to capture your expression as you see your bride for the first time. The photo is usually not pleasant. Sometimes a FUNKED FACE or JAW DROP can look like disappointment, but we know it is not disappointment. There is a simple fix to this Mr. Groom, as you are standing there with your officiate and groomsmen promise yourself to smile. Not a fake smile, just smile. Once you think about this I promise the FUNK FACE/ JAW DROP will not appear.

by Rina Marie Braley Yanko
National Wedding Photography
A Better DJ and Photographer



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