Save money by having your wedding in August in Florida

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Have you ever considere­­­d having your wedding in August in Florida? Probably not, due to the hot, tropical temperatures. If you have not thought about it, you should. The mornings are cooler with a tropical breeze on the beaches, you can save money due to the fact the month of August is such a slow … Continue reading

Wedding etiquette

Wedding etiquette
I have seen it all so I have decided to write about wedding etiquette
*Reply promptly to the R.S.V.P
*Arrive on time
*Dress as stated on invitation, casual, black tie but do not out shine the bride.
*Stand up for the bride when she walks down the aisle.
*Stand up for the bride and groom as they are announced publicly for the first time as husband and wife
*Do not join the dance floor during the bride and grooms first dance
* It is rude to just show up for the reception and not the ceremony unless work is involved.
* Mingle with the guests
*Keep your phone off and in your pockets or purse, this not a place for face book.
* If you do not know what to get the bride and groom for a gift a check to a least cover the meal and drinks is much appreciated.
*On the topic of gift, see where they are registered at
*If you bring your toddlers, watch them or better yet get a baby sitter. We actually had the wedding cake pushed over and fall to the ground from an unattended 3 year old.
*Smile for the photographer, the photo is not for you, it is for the bride and groom
*Have a few drinks, but do not get drunk
*Please do not make several trips to the buffet unless no one else is in line and there is plenty of food left.
*Sit at assigned table, So much thought goes into the seating arrangement and the bride and groom try to seat you with people you know or guests with something in common with you
* Do not bring un invited guest, this includes children.
*If you are planning to be married soon, do not make it all about your wedding.
*Respect religious traditions of the bride and groom, you may learn something at the same time if this is not a religious wedding do not insert your opinon.
* Do not leave until the cake cutting tradition.

*Do not take the microphone from the DJ unless it is OK with bride and groom
*Do not make song request unless it is ok with bride and groom
*If you do capture photos of the bride and groom do not post them on social media until the bride and groom see them, most likely they hired a professional photographer, let them do their job.
By Rina Marie Braley Yanko
National Wedding Photography nation wide 321-412-3878


Photo Planner from National~Wedding ~Photography 321-412-3878 Please have your Bridesmaid or Matron of honor help organize group photos as the photographer will not know who everyone is. Before photos: This is where precious photos are taken of the bride being pampered while hair and make-up are applied, during this time bridesmaids are helping by making … Continue reading

For the Groom- No funk face or jaw drop

For the groom: No funk face or jaw drop.
When I first started as a wedding photographer in the 80’s in L.A. California, I was an assistant photographer to the best wedding photographers. They were great mentors and I owe so much to them. They got me where I am today, but since then I have learned a few tricks on my own to capture the best shots at a wedding.
Example: This is for the groom. I will tell you now you will never be prepared enough for when you see your bride for the first time walking down the aisle. First off, you know she is beautiful and the love of your life, but when a woman is a bride about to marry her soul mate she has a glow like never before. Her beauty will even pour out through her flawless make-up and hair. You will see her walk differently in a beautiful gown with a smile that is familiar, but you never have seen her smile like this. This is your soul mate coming towards you to vow spending the rest of her days with you for better or worse.
As you soak this view in it finally hits you that this is it, you are really getting married! On top of that you will be overwhelmed by her beauty. This is what causes JAW DROP or FUNK FACE. Your wedding photographer will want to capture your expression as you see your bride for the first time. The photo is usually not pleasant. Sometimes a FUNKED FACE or JAW DROP can look like disappointment, but we know it is not disappointment. There is a simple fix to this Mr. Groom, as you are standing there with your officiate and groomsmen promise yourself to smile. Not a fake smile, just smile. Once you think about this I promise the FUNK FACE/ JAW DROP will not appear.

by Rina Marie Braley Yanko
National Wedding Photography
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