Why hire a DJ/MC for your wedding

What are the benefits of using a DJ/MC from National Wedding? 321-412-3878

*Your DJ will help coordinate your wedding *


* Coordinate Wedding music

* Coordinate Cocktail hour music

*Coordinate time of photos

* Keep your guest entertained while you are being photographed

*Will coordinate Bride and Groom grand introduction into reception

*Your DJ will announce prayer/speech before meal

*Your DJ will coordinate the toast

*Will make all introductions such as Father and Daughter Dance, Garter and Bouquet and cake cutting on top of being very entertaining at the same time.

* Your DJ will make sure everyone is dancing and having a great time.

* Your DJ will have all your music request completed one week before the wedding and will be able to make any changes you need

*Your DJ will help and guide you choose the best music that fits your taste as well and entertain your guest

*Your DJ will also be very helpful to stay within your time line.

Your DJ is not just a DJ He/she will be a MC, Host, wedding Coordinator and the one that brings the fun to the party.

Call us today to reserve your date with a low deposit. 321-412-3878

National-Wedding- PhotographyImage


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