Why hire a DJ/MC for your wedding

What are the benefits of using a DJ/MC from National Wedding? 321-412-3878

*Your DJ will help coordinate your wedding *


* Coordinate Wedding music

* Coordinate Cocktail hour music

*Coordinate time of photos

* Keep your guest entertained while you are being photographed

*Will coordinate Bride and Groom grand introduction into reception

*Your DJ will announce prayer/speech before meal

*Your DJ will coordinate the toast

*Will make all introductions such as Father and Daughter Dance, Garter and Bouquet and cake cutting on top of being very entertaining at the same time.

* Your DJ will make sure everyone is dancing and having a great time.

* Your DJ will have all your music request completed one week before the wedding and will be able to make any changes you need

*Your DJ will help and guide you choose the best music that fits your taste as well and entertain your guest

*Your DJ will also be very helpful to stay within your time line.

Your DJ is not just a DJ He/she will be a MC, Host, wedding Coordinator and the one that brings the fun to the party.

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Wedding cake

Make choosing your wedding cake a fun time, call bakery’s ahead of time to schedule a tasting Make sure when you purchase your wedding cake you make sure you get the right size for the amount of guests you will have at your ceremony, you do not want to be short but most of the time there is a lot of cake left over.

Try not to buy because it is beautiful, in most cases it’s a wow factor that last for about 5 minutes and remember less is more.

Make taste a priority and remember cream icing does not do well in the summer months unless you have it inside a cool venue not by a window facing the sun.

Next Smoosh or not to smoosh that is a question. If you are having a traditional religious ceremony and reception talk to your Reverend or Pastor.

If you are having a fun, casual wedding it is up to the both of you to make that first soul mate decision. I photographed a wedding a while back where the bride and groom smooshed the parents .Image