That’s what a sweet 16 party is all about! It’s about getting together with all your friends, socializing for a bit, and once the dancing starts it doesn’t stop until the end of the party.

The most important thing in making your party a huge success is hiring a great DJ! Your first thought might be to hire a local kid for a couple of hundred bucks because he will know all the current music. That is a great way to ruin your party! Why? There are several reasons:

  • A young DJ with little experience is not likely to have a great sound system!
  • A young DJ is probably going to play HIS favorite songs and in today’s music world you are looking at a lot of rap- great to listen to, not great for the girls to dance to!
  • A young DJ is not going to have much experience running a party, and that’s exactly what a DJ is supposed to do. A DJ is not just somebody that shows up and plays music, they are the DJ, the MC, and the “day of” coordinator!

We have nothing against young DJs, you have to start somewhere. But your party’s success depends on your DJ and you don’t want to be part of somebody’s learning curve.

At A BETTER DJ AND PHOTOGRAPHER we probably do more sweet 16 parties than any other company in the country. We know exactly what to expect, we have the clean family friendly versions of today’s current hits, and we have the professional sound systems to make your music sound so great! We also have the extensive experience to provide a great atmosphere for your adults to celebrate the night away!


For more information on having a great sweet 16 party visit <a title="HOW TO HAVE AND WHAT TO DO AT A SUPER SWEET 16 PARTY" href="http://http://ABETTERDJ.NET http://”>http://http://ABETTERDJ.NETImage

The other important thing to realize is that this is a milestone in a girl’s life. She isn’t a little girl anymore, she is a young adult. Hire a professional photographer to captures these treasured moments to last a lifetime. Parents- don’t try to fool yourself into thinking you are going to take the photos yourself. Yes, you’ll get a few, but you are going to be very busy:

  • running the party
  • greeting parents as they drop off the kids
  • being a chaperone
  • serving the cake

Check out our Sweet 16 DJ-photo combo packages. The investment will be well worth it!