Photos before the wedding By A BETTER DJ AND PHOTOGRAPHER

The hours before your wedding will hold some very special moments that you will definitely want consider adding to your photo planner.
This occasion can consist of you and your bridal party having your hair and make-up done before the WEDDING. There is laughter and smiles that you will want photographed along with pictures of your garter, shoes, dress, and flowers. A professional WEDDING photographer will know how to capture all the little details such as the pattern of your wedding dress with maybe a hint of your garter and your WEDDING bouquet. Photos like this you can have made into stationary and framed on your wall to help you remember this precious day you’re wedding dress may be preserved or handed down so you will want to have photos to help you remember the fine details of your WEDDING day.
This is also a wonderful time to capture boudoir photos. This is when you have your undergarments on with your garter right before you put on your wedding dress. You lie on a bed, or relax in a chair while you are tastefully covered with fabric or a sheet. This is where we get the sexy, but tasteful photos for you to give to your future husband as a gift, plus it is a gift to yourself. A professional WEDDING photographer will capture your make up, hair, nails and will know how to capture all your best features.
If you read my other blogs I always recommend that all the bridesmaids are completely ready before you. The reason for this is so they can help you get ready while the photographer captures those photos of them along with your mother, sisters and aunts( if applicable) helping you put on your WEDDING dress. The most heartfelt photo is your mother or someone very dear places the final detail the … the WEDDING veil. These are all moments you will treasure in priceless professional photos.
Once you are completely dressed and ready to walk down the aisle the professional photographer will capture photos of:
you and your bridal party
you and your Mother
you and your sisters
you and your best friend
Now it is time for professional WEDDING photos of just you in your complete WEDDING attire. The professional WEDDING photographer will capture different angles and will need at least 10 minutes of just you. The last photo should be you and your father or whoever will be giving you away.
Note* a professional WEDDING photographer will be able to capture all these memories without being intrusive. You will have gone over your photo planner together sometime before your wedding and have a perfect understanding of your dream WEDDING photos.
Best wishes for eternity
photo by Shy Giasson
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