How to entertain children at a wedding by ABETTER DJ AND PHOTOGRAPHER


With family members scattered around the country weddings are precious due the fact it is so difficult to get all your family members under one roof. A family WEDDING also usually means children.  I have learned a few tips in my many years as a WEDDING photographer on how to entertain young children.


1. If you have young children attending your wedding please consider hiring a baby sitter or nanny. This will allow the parents to relax and really enjoy your wedding. Don’t be surprised if the parents are more than willing to pitch in for the cost for a good, reliable sitter or nanny.

2. Have tables set up just for the children with snacks using plastic plates and plastic wear. Have the tables in the back and have the parents’ tables next to them

3. Have small aprons, crayons and paper, washable paint, Play-Doh, games, bean bag toss for example. A good sitter or nanny will be able to keep them busy if she has the right tools.

4. Allow the children to be a part of the wedding reception by letting them to speak in the DJ’s microphone before or after the toast or all sing a song to the bride and groom.

5. When it comes to the wedding cake, have cupcakes and different toppings for the kids. Allow them to decorate their own cupcake.

6. Have a photo area set up with funky hats, sunglasses, feathered boas, etc. And have time set aside for the WEDDING photographer to capture their photos (during dinner is usually a good time as most children will eat when they are hungry)

7. Have the parents bring pillows and blankets because usually by the end of the night you will have sleepy- heads in a corner as the parents dance the night away.

8. Allow teen children to have their own table as well as well. Let them choose some of the music, but make sure the DJ knows to play music without explicit language.

9. Be sure to take the the opportunity for generation photos. For example, Great-grandmother, Grandmother, Mother, Daughter and Granddaughter. These photos are priceless.

Best wishes for eternity




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