The beginning of your WEDDING day is going perfect; you got plenty of rest from the night before, your dress is all laid out, all the tags are cut off your shoes, garter, and jewelry so the photographer can capture your wardrobe before you dress

The time has come… your bridal march has started.

You reach the end of the aisle but no one has rolled out the aisle runner for you because no one was appointed to do so. You are stuck standing there, everyone looks around, then finally two of the groomsmen try to do it and one of your guests then proceeds to help the two men. There is a little struggle on which way it is to be rolled out, but finally they have it rolling smoothly to the end. The groomsmen and guest take their place and you start walking down the aisle. Your smile begins to fade as your heel of your wedding shoe snags onto the aisle runner and rips the runner,  you take a couple more steps and feel the runner following you. A guest grabs the aisle runner away from you. You realize then that you need to lift your steps high to prevent the aisle runner from snagging, and bunching up, at the same time you hope nobody notices.

After doing several thousand WEDDINGS, I see this way too often and there is a very simple solution. You can rent a carpet aisle runner in your choice of colors, or use rose petals that make a beautiful aisle, or even a row of candles on each side that make a very romantic way to walk down your WEDDING aisle. I have seen many creative aisles from our brides because I warn them against paper or plastic aisle runners.

If you want an aisle runner rolled out before you walk down the aisle I recommend carpet .Have your ushers practice rolling it down the aisle.

Best wishes for eternity.


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