Wedding cake
I write from my many years as a wedding photographer to save you time, time will save you money to fit your WEDDING budget
Wedding cake… to smush or not to smush. It is something important that you may want to talk about before your wedding so there are no annulments.
The couple in the photo was laughing before and after the photo. I just captured this classic look with luck on my part.
Traditionally the cake cutting ceremony is a symbol of your union. You both will stand side by side
and with both hands you will slice a piece out of the bottom layer (hold a pose for the photographer) placing it onto a plate, then using your fingers to feed each other.

When it comes to shopping for a wedding cake the price can be very shocking so you really need to put your priorities in order as far as your wedding budget goes. I will share a few tips I have learned to save money on wedding cakes.
• Frosting is cheaper than fondant.
• A small wedding cake for two surrounded by mountains of cupcakes is very acceptable and a lot less expensive.
• You can have the bottom cake be the real McCoy and the top made of Styrofoam. Once you cut the bottom layer and the cake cutting tradition is completed the servers whisk away the fake cake back to the kitchen where sheet cakes are cut and served. No one knows the difference.
• Traditionally the top layer of the cake is saved and frozen in heavy duty freezer bags for your first 1 year WEDDING anniversary. You may want to keep that in mind when you try to figure how big of a cake you need, or you can order a copy cat cake for the following year. (cake frozen for a year is horrible!)
• Keep in mind that a month after your wedding nobody is going to remember your cake. All they are going to remember is you cutting the cake.

Best wishes for eternity
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