The night before your wedding for the D.I.Y. Bride

The night before your wedding for the D.I.Y. bride


I write from many years of experience as a WEDDING photographer, I try to save you time, time can lead to stress and stress can lead to exceeding your wedding budget, plus it is just difficult to get the best, quality WEDDING photos when the bride is stressed. Here are some tips that may help.

As your last evening being a single woman plan on pampering yourself. If you are a mom invest in a baby sitter for all night.
Try to Plan on a hot bath with a cup of sleepy time tea to help you sleep. Just relax, but before you do please read the following.
*If you will be transporting all your WEDDING apparel to another location to get ready for your WEDDING, place them all together in one area.

* Make sure your WEDDING dress is unwrapped in case it needs to be ironed
* All tags are cut off… make sure tags are cut off everything like shoes, purse, and accessories.
*Have items such as something borrowed, something old, and something new with something blue placed together along with your shoes, garter,any jewelry, hair accessory, and/or WEDDING veil so the WEDDING photographer can find them easily to photograph on your WEDDING day.
*Please try to keep the room that you are getting ready in clutter free.This will also help the photographer get the best “before the wedding photos”
*Be sure you eat well, get plenty of rest, and drink lots of water. Your adrenalin most likely is at an all-time high by now which burns energy… energy you will need for your wedding day.

If you do these simple things the night before it will save you minutes and undo stress that can lead to hours on your WEDDING day.

Best wishes for eternity
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