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Your ushers are two very important people that are easily overlooked in your wedding planning. Without them their duties fall on your WEDDING DJ or WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER. (Who should be focused on their own performances)

Your ushers at the wedding ceremony:

  • Greet your guests with a smile and seat them.
  • Make sure all your guests are seated as the wedding is to begin.
  • Open the doors for the bride to make her grand entrance into her wedding.
  • Close the doors to make sure there is no outside interference during the ceremony.
  • Play a very important role after the ceremony by properly escorting your guests to the reception. (This is important to keep the wedding in a timely matter for the WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER to begin taking your traditional wedding photos.)

Your ushers at the wedding reception:

  • Can also be very helpful greeting guests at the reception
  • Have guests sign your photo and book if provided.
  • Help your guests find their seats which can be confusing at large weddings.
  • Play a big role at your wedding by simply making sure your guests are aware that you have arrived at the reception and for all to take their seats and be prepared to stand for the arrival of the newly wedded couple.
  • Alert the WEDDING DJ of your arrival so they may line up the wedding party for the grand entrance. (Make sure when you are hiring a WEDDING DJ they are capable of running your reception)
  • Open the doors for the grand entrance for the newly wedded couple into their reception.

We have witnessed many weddings that no one has been assigned to open doors. No one should see a bride opening her own door at her wedding.

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