Be creative for your wedding photographer part 2

Be creative for your wedding photographer part 2
Everything I write comes from experience to save you time and time will save you money so you will not go over your budget
add to your wedding invitation that you wish to have plenty of posed and candid photos of your guests taken by your WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER on your special day for your album. This way your WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER will not have anyone hiding from them… Your guests will know their photo is an important gift for you and your partner.

Consider scheduling time for your WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER to take photos of you and your bridesmaids while getting ready, intimate photos of just you. These photos are priceless and can be easily done if you and your WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER set the time aside and are focused. So have a playful attitude and your photos will glow as much as you both do.

Family Photos, In addition to the traditional family photos if you have a generation shot such as example Grandmother, Mother, Daughter, and Granddaughter… seize that opportunity and place it in your Photo Planner.

Consider practicing poses in front of the mirror before your special day… even with your partner. Practice and become creative together, it will be fun and the fun will show in your photos.

Your beautiful attire will get a little soiled during the day and you most likely plan on dropping it off to the cleaners, With that in mind why not really play for the camera by sitting or lying on the grass or sand… with your dress laid out all around you with your flowers and maybe your partner laying partially on your dress looking up at you.
A professional photographer will bring out your unique personalities and capture the moments of a life time.
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