Be creative for your photographer part 3

Be Creative for your wedding photographer part 3

I write from experience that can save you time, time saves you money to help stay within your wedding budget.


if you have a sexy or shy even nutty personality that you just can’t hide share that with your WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER in advance. A professional will bring out the real you. If you usually do not like your photos taking Please make a special exception. This is your special day.

Concerned that the WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER will charge more for time? This is why it is such a wonderful idea to have a full photo planner, with times allowed along with plenty of communication with your photographer before your wedding day. A professional WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER will work with what time is allowed… all you need to do is be on time and smile.

Hopefully your WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER is the professional with the experience of at least a hundred or more weddings. With an artful eye and getting to know your personality plus exchanging ideas… your wedding photos will be as unique as you both are, just relax. Now the only important thing is for you both to say “I do”

Wishing you all the best for eternity!

For more wedding information go to www.abetterdj.netDSC07246
Or call 321-759-5488
I love wedding talk.


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