1 month before the wedding by A BETTER DJ AND PHOTOGRAPHER

Last Minute Planning WEDDING TIPS for the D.I.Y Bride

Everything I write comes fromwedding relax real experiences as a PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER.
I write to save you WEDDING time, which will save you WEDDING money to help you succeed in your WEDDING budget.
Wishing you all a beautiful eternity!
Rina Marie

Do not let all this overwhelm you… take your time, relax and read.

We have done thousands of WEDDINGS and I have witnessed little forgotten details which gave the bride big tears.
I write this to help you remember the little necessities for your big day that I see so often over-looked, making the bride late for her WEDDING.

The month before the WEDDING

Make sure you have a check off list the a month before your WEDDING this will make things go very smooth, the goal is that you won’t have anything to do 3 days prior to your wedding so you can be relaxed and stress free for your special day.

1. WEDDING Garter
2. WEDDING veil
3. WEDDING shoes
4. WEDDING earrings, necklace, bracelets
5. Something borrowed, something new, something old, something blue
6. Under garments, personal hygiene, perfume, make-up
7. WEDDING bands
9. Call and confirm time of hair, make-up, nails
10. Any medicines you may need
11. Bridesmaids. Each Bridesmaid should have a list themselves.
They should also have added on their list an item to help you prepare for the special day, for example…
Make sure all your bridal party has the phone numbers to your wedding vendors.
*1 week before the wedding a bridesmaid should call to confirm the arrival or pick up time for flowers, bouquets and boutonnieres.
*Who will be pinning the flowers onto the groomsman, ushers, parents, etc.?
Another bridesmaid needs to call the Officiate or church to confirm time of WEDDING and call the reception venue to confirm time and day.

*One needs to make sure all the bridesmaids and groomsmen have their complete attire from bow ties to shoes, socks. This includes the groom
*Another Bridesmaid needs to make sure the flower girl (s) and ring bearer have their complete attire from hair accessories to shoes, socks, ring bearer pillow, flower pedals.
* If you are having a candle ceremony or sand ceremony have someone in charge to make sure they are properly placed where you want them
*bubbles, if you are having bubbles assign someone to pass them out at the proper time (I see these left in baskets all the time)
*Champagne flutes and cake cutting utensils to be properly placed.
*decorating committee
*Ushers (please read my blog about ushers)
Please do not be afraid to ask for help, I recommend to all brides that once you have chosen a bridal party and they accept, mail them a personal thank you card at the same time ask for their assistance and give details, They want to help you that is what a bridesmaid purpose is for.

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