Where does the bride and groom stand during wedding ceremony

We blog from what we learn from each wedding

For example, our most recent wedding was very well organized and planned. The bride was even right on time! You could tell when the bridal party began to walk down the aisle it was rehearsed. The bride made her grand entrance and she was a beautiful sight looking right at the groom as they both exchanged smiles. She also  gave smiles to her guests on both sides as she continued to walk towards her groom. When they arrived at the altar her father kissed her,  shook the groom’s hand, and took his seat.

Perfect, right? Unfortunately the bride took her groom’s hand as she stepped to the far left and he stepped close to her making them off center instead of directly in front of the officiate. This is not a big deal unless you are a photographer trying to get that one shot with the bride and groom centered with the officiate in front of them.  Another slight problem is the best man was standing so close to the groom that they were touching shoulders and the maid of honor was so close that I could not get a full dress shot without the MOH,s shoes.  This made it very difficult to capture that traditional shot of just the officiate with the bride and groom.

The best man and woman of honor need to be at least 3 feet from the couple.

Another problem is no one bothered to straighten the bride’s wedding dress. I somehow gathered the courage to go up right in the middle of the ceremony and straighten the dress out myself. I needed to have her dress right for the for photos.

So please, when you are planning your wedding take time out to do a rehearsal and keep in mind to be centered… and your bridal party know their places. It may soundAAI_6339 like a little thing, but it will make a huge difference in your wedding photos.

Thank you

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