Should you hire a wedding planner


Everything I write comes from professional experience.
I write to save you wedding time, which will save you wedding money to help you succeed in your wedding budget.
Wishing you all a beautiful eternity!
Rina Marie


Congratulations! You have just become engaged!
One of you said yes and you have set the date. Now the planning takes place, at the same time keeping up with your job, school, family and just plain sanity. This is where I highly recommend a professional WEDDING PLANNER. You may think that you cannot afford a WEDDING PLANNER and you can do it all yourself… you are thinking this because you’re on a love high and want to show your partner you can do it all on your own. The truth is you will be saving money, your time, along with your sanity by hiring a professional WEDDING PLANNER, and this is how.
· Your professional WEDDING PLANNER has most likely done over 100 weddings and has educated themselves on how to create a custom wedding of your dreams.

· A professional WEDDING PLANNER has a Rolodex and cell phone full of wedding vendors that they themselves have worked with personally. This makes it very possible for the professional WEDDING PLANNER to match your wedding with the right wedding vendor for your dream wedding.

· Your WEDDING PLANNER can also negotiate prices with wedding vendors from the venue, food, cake, WEDDING DJ, and WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER, etc. This alone will save you time, money and stress.

· Your professional WEDDING PLANNER will take the time to get to know you and listen to your vision of your special day.
· They will know your personal and professional schedule for allowing appointments for food, cake tastings, looking at venues, choosing flowers, and even help you find that perfect wedding dress.

· All in all Your Professional WEDDING PLANNER will save you time from driving all over town searching for vendors.
· WEDDING PLANNERS will save you time on the phone.

· And most important, they will succeed in sticking to your wedding budget and keep you stress free.

· Your WEDDING PLANNER will also have everything accomplished at least two weeks prior to your wedding so you may rest and relax prior to your wedding. ( nothing better than a fresh relaxed bride on her wedding day)

· Another plus… if something should happen during the wedding, your professional WEDDING PLANNER has the experience and knowledge on how to take care of any problem that may arise without a glitch.

· In my opinion a professional WEDDING PLANNER is worth their weight in gold by saving you time and keeping you stress free, allowing you to continue your life while your dream wedding is being prepared.
If you still want to be the “Do it yourself bride” D.I.Y bride, I urge you to read my other blogs written for D.I.Y brides.
or call 321-759-5488
I love wedding talk.
Rina Marie

10 months ago

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