Wedding tips duties of a bridesmaid

 I always highly recommend a licensed, professional wedding planner.
 A wedding planner will save you money and precious time from their years of experience of coordinating and supervising events such as yours. If you do not think you can afford a licensed, professional wedding planner, please think again. If you have researched all your options and still find yourself with no budget for a wedding planner here are some tips that may help.

1. Ask your bidesmaids for help.

2. When your bridesmaid accepts the responsibility of being a bride attendant, send each bridesmaid a thank you card and write down what you need their part to be along with the names and phone numbers they will need. They will really appreciate this as they are extending a wedding gift to you… so don’t be afraid to ask, but do make sure they can handle the task.  

3. Make sure flowers are scheduled to be picked up or arrive in time.

4. Make sure the cake is scheduled to arrive on time along with setting up the cake table with the proper utensils and know who is serving the cake.

5. Make sure the wedding dress, shoes, and accessories, are all in one place with no tags on them. This will also help the photographer when they want to capture your entire wardrobe from the shoes to the earrings to the veil.

6. Help family members remain all together for after photos… etc. this will help make your day a special one with less stress.

7. Make sure hair and make-up artist are scheduled to arrive on time.

8. Call officiate and confirm time and address of venue.

Even if you are not planning on having a wedding party, ask for help.

Make sure you express how much it means for them to be a part of your special day by a special gift or a special day out.
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