Read this Before You Hire a Wedding DJ at a Really Cheap Price

Usually my wife and I provide the Wedding DJ and wedding photography services as a team. We add on top rated wedding DJ services (I was recently rated #1 in Florida and top 20 in the U.S.) to our wedding photography package for only $300. Last night we were just the wedding photographers as the couple had already hired a cheap wedding disc jockey before they hired us.

The DJ (we’ll call him DJD) claims to have been in business since 1989.

The disaster started with the introductions:

When he went in to line everybody up 15 minutes after they were ready he forgot 1 of the couples and had to start all over.

Once lined up he came back in and told us he wanted to have the bridal party stop by the DJ area for a photo, then form a circle for the bride and groom to enter. (great idea except the dance floor was 50′ away so we helped him straighten that out)

When he tried to cue up the intro song  after 5 tries finally found the right song and started.

He introduced the bride’s brother and best man as the groom’s brother and maid of honor.

He introduced 2 of the couples with the wrong partner.

Once he introduced the BnG he got the 1st dance song right… after the 3rd try! (at this point I’m thinking we have a new worst wedding DJ youtube)

After the intros:

He said dinner would be in 15 minutes and proceeded to play some swing music (This was very obviously a country music crowd… they had cowboy boots as vases on the tables, the groom and several guests were wearing cowboy hats,  and had they bales of hay and a wagon wheel on each side of the stage)  The food was ready and the guests were starving so they just started helping themselves.

After 15 minutes of swing music and Frank Sinatra he announces the buffet will start and he’ll be going table to table to release them. (half the guests already had food)

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