How to Hire a Great Wedding Photographer

How to hire a great WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER

First of all let me start by saying that most brides make hiring a wedding photographer much harder than it really is! There are thousands of great WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS just waiting for your call!

How much experience do you actually have hiring a


We hire hundreds of WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS across the country every year. We edit hundreds of thousands of WEDDING PHOTOS taken with every brand of camera and lens combination by professional WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS. We consider ourselves very qualified to post on this subject.

Most WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS tend to label themselves with a style such as “photojournalistic” that means next to nothing to the average person who hopefully will only hire a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER once in their lifetime.

Here are the things we look for will help you when you need to hire a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER:

  • A professional camera with at least 16 mega pixels (less than that and your low light photos will probably be grainy)
  • Extensive knowledge of their camera
  • External flashes
  • Quality back-up cameras
  • Have done at least 100 weddings
  • Knowledge of dealing with every lighting situations
  • Lenses for both close-up and large group shots
  • HD video
  • Several batteries
  • Back-up camera cards
  • Personality
  • Ability to manage people
  • Ability to handle all of the “what ifs” that can happen at a wedding

Then we visit their website and Facebook accounts and carefully look at their photos from a professional point of view. It is amazing how many so called “professional” photographers will put low quality photos on their websites as featured photos. We also check references for brides they have photographed and check with several online sources to see if any complaints have been filed.

All “professional” photographers take good photos! If they have a good camera and know how to use it properly the results should be acceptable. The key to having great WEDDING PHOTOS is all in the editing, which is why we personally edit the WEDDING PHOTOS taken by the WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS we hire.

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2 responses to “How to Hire a Great Wedding Photographer

  1. I find it mildly entertaining how the number of megapixels keeps having to go up in order to be considered a “professional” anymore. We never seemed to have this problem back in the days of film: you either had 35mm or medium format (I never met anyone using large format for wedding work). I won’t be surprised if someday (soon) we see someone stating that we need a 60 Mpix ‘blad in order to be a professional wedding photographer.

    Next, your contention of needing to find someone with at least 100 weddings under his belt seems to me to be advocating a “chicken or egg” position (i.e.: you can’t be a professional without shooting x weddings, you can’t shoot a wedding without being a professional).

    It is my position that the output from the photographer and her equipment is all that should matter. Yes, practice makes perfect and all that, but the need for practice should be self evident from the output.

    • Hi Ron,
      The reason we personally look for 16 MP and up is strictly from an editing point of view. 16MP photos are much more forgiving when it comes to lighting adjustments than say 10 or 12MP. We started with 6MP back when 5 was a lot then went 10, 12 (for a week), 14 (for a week), 16, and have settled in at 24MP. When you edit several thousand photos a week you really appreciate the wiggle room that extra MPs give you.

      As far as the hundred weddings, I agree that the output is extremely important and it really doesn’t have anything to do with the photo taking skills, experience, or being professional. We want the extensive experience at dealing with all the different chaos situations that can happen at weddings. We had 2 crazy weddings going at the same time last weekend that a lot of lesser experienced photographers probably could not have handled (including the one we did ourselves). We also prefer and recommend more mature photographers simply because they have a lot more experience dealing with different types of people and are a lot more dependable. We have over 500 DJs and photographers in our network. I have 1 DJ in his late 20s that specializes in Sweet 16s, 1 in his late 30s, and most are between 45-60 years old. We do use some younger or less experienced photographers as 2nd shooters. We have 2 girls that feature and we use a lot and have done under 100 weddings but we personally trained them for about 3 years before we cut them loose. 😀

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