Choosing WEDDING MUSIC for your ceremony and reception can be really easy or really hard depending how you go about it!

It also make a BIG difference whether you hired a PROFESSIONAL WEDDING DJ or a cheap DJ.

Let’s start with the WEDDING MUSIC.

You have 3 important WEDDING SONGS to pick out

  • The processional (when the bridal party comes down the aisle)
  • The bridal march (when the bride comes down the aisle)
  • The recessional (when the newlyweds lead the wedding party down the aisle after the ceremony)

You can also choose some prelude music  (played while the guests arrive)

If you really want to you can pick a song for your candle/sand ceremony) (We don’t recommend it as it is only about 20 seconds)

As the bride and groom you can pick any songs that you want!

If you want to stay traditional then you would use Canon in D for the processional (you still pick what instruments you want). Then you would have the bridal march (we recommend Jonathon Cain’s version  Finally a classical piece for your recessional. (there are several different versions of the traditional recessional). Have your WEDDING DJ play various versions for you and try to pick some that flow together. We usually go with  the elegant versions of the processional and recessional to go with Jonathon Cain’s bridal march. If you hired a WEDDING DJ strictly based on price I would pick the WEDDING SONGS you want and burn them on a CD for the CHEAP DJ just to be safe!


Now on to the wedding reception music.

These are the traditional dances that you will need to

pick out WEDDING SONGS for:

  • Your intro/entry song
  • Your 1st dance
  • Your father/daughter dance
  • Your mother/son dance
  • Your garter removal song
  • Your bouquet toss song
  • Your catchers’ song (the people that caught the garter and bouquet)
  • Your cake cutting song
  • Your last dance

For lots of great song-lists, song recommendations,  and

information on hiring a GREAT WEDDING DJ visit our site at


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